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Amazon search results of the "KINDLE" of the "Lint roller"
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TermDefaultEvery dayEvery weekEvery month
quarter in 20111Q, 20112Q, 20113Q, 20114Q, 2011
quarter in 20121Q, 20122Q, 20123Q, 20124Q, 2012
quarter in 20131Q, 20132Q, 20133Q, 20134Q, 2013
quarter in 20141Q, 20142Q, 20143Q, 20144Q, 2014
quarter in 20151Q, 20152Q, 20153Q, 20154Q, 2015
quarter in 20161Q, 20162Q, 20163Q, 20164Q, 2016
quarter in 20171Q, 20172Q, 20173Q, 20174Q, 2017
quarter in 20181Q, 20182Q, 20183Q, 2018
JA :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
EN :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
NoJanuary, 2015February, 2015March, 2015
1Message board Destroy (Yaruo)Message board Destroy (Yaruo)
PV:381 IP:24 RP:18 RR:75%
Message board Destroy (Yaruo)Message board Destroy (Yaruo)
PV:99 IP:12 RP:7 RR:58%
2Hear no evil , Speak no evil , See no evilHear no evil , Speak no evil , See no evil
PV:310 IP:80 RP:66 RR:83%
Lint rollerLint roller
PV:93 IP:8 RP:3 RR:38%
3Earthquake PresentimentEarthquake Presentiment
PV:198 IP:19 RP:13 RR:68%
Yaruo and Yaranaio SaluteYaruo and Yaranaio Salute
PV:69 IP:16 RP:10 RR:63%
4Yaruo and Yaranaio SaluteYaruo and Yaranaio Salute
PV:183 IP:19 RP:11 RR:58%
Yaranaio & YaruoYaranaio & Yaruo
PV:66 IP:30 RP:17 RR:57%
5Presentiment YaruoPresentiment Yaruo
PV:119 IP:14 RP:9 RR:64%
Kamen Rider YaruoKamen Rider Yaruo
PV:34 IP:29 RP:4 RR:14%
6Yaranaio & YaruoYaranaio & Yaruo
PV:110 IP:35 RP:19 RR:54%
Hear no evil , Speak no evil , See no evilHear no evil , Speak no evil , See no evil
PV:21 IP:9 RP:5 RR:56%
7Lint rollerLint roller
PV:103 IP:8 RP:4 RR:50%
Arrest YaruoArrest Yaruo
PV:19 IP:11 RP:4 RR:36%
8Anonymous Mask YaruoAnonymous Mask Yaruo
PV:42 IP:31 RP:7 RR:23%
Okazakiemon Yaruo (Yuru-chara)Okazakiemon Yaruo (Yuru-chara)
PV:17 IP:14 RP:3 RR:21%
9Arrest YaruoArrest Yaruo
PV:36 IP:24 RP:11 RR:46%
PV:16 IP:12 RP:2 RR:17%
10Okazakiemon Yaruo (Yuru-chara)Okazakiemon Yaruo (Yuru-chara)
PV:33 IP:23 RP:8 RR:35%
PV:15 IP:15 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:32 IP:23 RP:9 RR:39%
PV:14 IP:11 RP:3 RR:27%
12Cry (Yaruo,Yaranaio,Dekiruo)Cry (Yaruo,Yaranaio,Dekiruo)
PV:29 IP:21 RP:4 RR:19%
Anonymous Mask YaruoAnonymous Mask Yaruo
PV:12 IP:11 RP:1 RR:9%
13Yaruo FaffYaruo Faff
PV:28 IP:25 RP:3 RR:12%
Earthquake PresentimentEarthquake Presentiment
PV:8 IP:5 RP:3 RR:60%
14Hatoyama YaruoHatoyama Yaruo
PV:27 IP:25 RP:2 RR:8%
Yaruo DashYaruo Dash
PV:7 IP:7 RP:0 RR:0%
15Absurd YaruoAbsurd Yaruo
PV:26 IP:18 RP:6 RR:33%
Cry (Yaruo,Yaranaio,Dekiruo)Cry (Yaruo,Yaranaio,Dekiruo)
PV:7 IP:7 RP:0 RR:0%
16Assassin Yaruo (Fate)Assassin Yaruo (Fate)
PV:25 IP:22 RP:1 RR:5%
Yaruo and EverybodyYaruo and Everybody
PV:6 IP:5 RP:1 RR:20%
17Hatoyama YaruoHatoyama Yaruo
PV:24 IP:21 RP:3 RR:14%
Yaruo AngerYaruo Anger
PV:6 IP:5 RP:1 RR:20%
18Yaruo & YaranaioYaruo & Yaranaio
PV:23 IP:21 RP:2 RR:10%
Yaruo before & afterYaruo before & after
PV:6 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
19Yaranaio & Yaruo RunningYaranaio & Yaruo Running
PV:22 IP:20 RP:2 RR:10%
PV:6 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
20Hatoyama Yaruo TeaHatoyama Yaruo Tea
PV:20 IP:20 RP:0 RR:0%
Yaruo TyphoonYaruo Typhoon
PV:6 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:20 IP:19 RP:1 RR:5%
Yaruo CryYaruo Cry
PV:5 IP:4 RP:1 RR:25%
22Yaruo CryYaruo Cry
PV:20 IP:15 RP:3 RR:20%
Yaranaio & YaruoYaranaio & Yaruo
PV:5 IP:3 RP:1 RR:33%
23Wobbuffet Yaruo (Poke)Wobbuffet Yaruo (Poke)
PV:18 IP:10 RP:2 RR:20%
Nonomura Yaruo (Person)Nonomura Yaruo (Person)
PV:4 IP:4 RP:0 RR:0%
24Nonomura Yaruo (Person)Nonomura Yaruo (Person)
PV:17 IP:15 RP:2 RR:13%
Yaruo SurpriseYaruo Surprise
PV:4 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
PV:17 IP:5 RP:1 RR:20%
Saber Yaruo (Fate/stay night)Saber Yaruo (Fate/stay night)
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
26Yaruo DashYaruo Dash
PV:15 IP:14 RP:1 RR:7%
Sympathy YaruoSympathy Yaruo
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
27Yaruo ToneYaruo Tone
PV:15 IP:12 RP:3 RR:25%
Yaruo CryYaruo Cry
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
28Yaruo RunningYaruo Running
PV:14 IP:11 RP:3 RR:27%
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:13 IP:10 RP:3 RR:30%
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
30Yaruo SurpriseYaruo Surprise
PV:12 IP:5 RP:3 RR:60%
Yaruo Eat Chinese noodle "This person says what"Yaruo Eat Chinese noodle "This person says what"
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:9 IP:9 RP:0 RR:0%
Yaruo CryYaruo Cry
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
32Yaruo CryYaruo Cry
PV:9 IP:6 RP:1 RR:17%
SeaDog YaruoSeaDog Yaruo
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
33Same level (Yaranaio)Same level (Yaranaio)
PV:8 IP:6 RP:2 RR:33%
Yaruo RunningYaruo Running
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:8 IP:6 RP:1 RR:17%
Assassin Yaruo (Fate)Assassin Yaruo (Fate)
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
35Yaruo Message boardYaruo Message board
PV:7 IP:7 RP:0 RR:0%
Dekinaiko and YaruoDekinaiko and Yaruo
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
36Yaruo Kotatsu LonelinessYaruo Kotatsu Loneliness
PV:7 IP:7 RP:0 RR:0%
Yaruo "This person says what"Yaruo "This person says what"
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
37Yarumi MotorcycleYarumi Motorcycle
PV:7 IP:6 RP:1 RR:17%
YaruOpoona VotomsYaruOpoona Votoms
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
38YaruOpoona VotomsYaruOpoona Votoms
PV:6 IP:6 RP:0 RR:0%
Yaruo PC PunchYaruo PC Punch
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
39Yaruo RiceYaruo Rice
PV:6 IP:6 RP:0 RR:0%
Yaranaio & Yaruo RunningYaranaio & Yaruo Running
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
40Maro YaruoMaro Yaruo
PV:6 IP:5 RP:1 RR:20%
Hatoyama YaruoHatoyama Yaruo
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
41Obama and Hatoyama YaruoObama and Hatoyama Yaruo
PV:6 IP:5 RP:1 RR:20%
Yaruo InterviewYaruo Interview
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
42I am a prime ministerI am a prime minister
PV:6 IP:4 RP:1 RR:25%
Yaruo CatYaruo Cat
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
43Yaranaio & Yaruo (Interview)Yaranaio & Yaruo (Interview)
PV:6 IP:4 RP:2 RR:50%
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:5 IP:5 RP:0 RR:0%
Yaruo KeybordYaruo Keybord
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
45Yaruo ChristmasYaruo Christmas
PV:5 IP:5 RP:0 RR:0%
Popossyi (Yuru-chara)Popossyi (Yuru-chara)
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
46Yaranaio & YaruoYaranaio & Yaruo
PV:5 IP:5 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
47Hatoyama Yaruo Lactic WayHatoyama Yaruo Lactic Way
PV:5 IP:5 RP:0 RR:0%
Hatoyama Yaruo Lactic WayHatoyama Yaruo Lactic Way
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
48Yaruo BeerYaruo Beer
PV:5 IP:5 RP:0 RR:0%
Lint roller YaruoLint roller Yaruo
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
49Yaruo Kitchen KnifeYaruo Kitchen Knife
PV:5 IP:5 RP:0 RR:0%
Hatoyama YaruoHatoyama Yaruo
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
50Hatoyama Yaruo & Ozawa & Kan & Maehara OtuHatoyama Yaruo & Ozawa & Kan & Maehara Otu
PV:5 IP:4 RP:1 RR:25%
Yaruo DistressYaruo Distress
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%

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